Thursday, 12 May 2011

Fresh As A Daisy


Finally spring is here, and it's been a whilst since I have 

made a blog post. Im back blogging. Hope you have enjoyed 

the lovely hot weather we have had in the UK at the 

moment. I have been really into the vintage fashion these 

few months, and Im loving wearing the big hair do using the 

good old donut in my hair and making a big bun. Im loving 

accessorising it with dollybow's too!

Heres some pictures :)

Amelia x

Friday, 6 May 2011

Bad Times With Veet Products!

So a whilst back I made a video on my youtube channel saying how I had used the Veet hair removal as normal & I came out with big red rashes and blood on my leg. Here is some pictures of what it looked like, only small sores but they were very painful!

Please remember CHECK IT ON YOUR SKIN BEFORE YOU USE IT :) i didnt see the 'new formula' label on the front of the box!!