Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hair Tutorial - Plat On Hair.

And Again..... 
Wow... My 1st hair tutorial is finally up, after a long time thinking about what I should do. I thought I would start with something simple which still looks nice.

In The Process Of Making Hair Style :)

Things You Will Need:
- Hairbrush
- Bobby Pins ( around 5)
- Hair band or clip.

Step 1: Brush out hair until smooth & silky. 
Step 2: Get the top part of your hair and clip it up on top.
Step 3: Grab some hair (thick or thin depending on how big you want your plat.)
Step 4: Plat it :) & secure with bobble.
Step 5:  Arrange hair to where you want it, then pull plat over head and secure with bobby pin. 
Step 6: Enjoy :)  

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